Camp Sat-Chit-Ananda


(Itinerary subject to change)

November 18-20th, 2022

Friday, Nov 18

•2:30  Check in. Please arrive a little early to check in. Find your lodging space, unpack and join us in the cafeteria for refreshments and snacks

•3:00  Refreshments and Lite snacks served (in cafeteria)

•3:30  Welcome Meeting (in cafeteria)

4:00  Yoga and Breath (in covered pavilion)

5:00  Class (in covered pavilion)

6:30 Dinner (dinner is served in cafeteria with option to eat outside)

7:30 Class (in covered pavilion)

9:00 pm  Restorative or Yin Yoga (in covered pavilion)

10:00 Dream Time (sleep/rest cycle)

11:00 Quiet Hours  (*sacred silence is observed)

Saturday, Nov 19

7:00-7:30   Tea, Coffee and Fruit served (cafeteria)

7:30 – 8:30   A.M Yoga (pavilion)

8:30-9:30   Integrative Breath (pavilion)

9:30 –10:30  Camp Breakfast (cafeteria)

10:30  Class (pavilion)

12:45  Lunch  

1:45    Walking Meditation (sacred silence is observed)

2:30   Breath Session (breath outside in nature)

3:30    Class (pavilion)

6:00    Deep Feel Yoga (pavilion)

7:00   Camp Dinner (cafeteria) 

8:00  Campfire : Yoga Storytime, Yoga Camp Songs, Drumming, Dancing

10:00  Dream Time/Rest Cycle

11:00  Quiet Time (sacred silence is observed)

Sunday, Nov 20

7:00     Tea, Coffee and Fruit served (cafeteria)

7:30    Breath (pavilion)

8:30   Yoga (pavilion)

9:15  Class

10:15 Celebration Surprise

11:00 Closing Circle

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Pack Up

2:00 Checkout